All of your Goldie Girl frequently asked questions are answered here.
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Where is Goldie Girl based?

We are based in Parnell, Auckland.

Can I just trial deliveries for a month?

Of course! Our collections can be purchased as a one-off, or your subscription can be cancelled at any time.

What is the difference between standard and premium collections?

Our Standard option is a selection of well-known brands, selected just for you, whereas our Premium option is a selection of high-end labels.

Can I order a seasonal collection for travel to a climate off season? I am heading to Europe for two weeks...

Absolutely, we are here to simplify your life and we want you to feel prepared for your holiday.  Simply fill out the quiz, make your collection selection, standard or premium, let us know in your order notes at checkout that you are traveling to warming climates and we will be in touch.

Can you manage my corporate wardrobe? I am too busy to shop.

We’ve got you!  Let the Goldie Girl Stylists create a collection that is appropriate for your natural landscape and also for the organisation/industry you work in.  We love setting people up to win in life and we are happy to work with your team as well.

Where is the size guide?

You don’t need a size chart, we do it all for you. Please let us know the size that you normally wear, top and bottom.  We stock lots of NZ Fashion labels so you are welcome to let us know in notes if you prefer one fit to another – and your stylist will be in touch to discuss further.

Can I return any items that I don't want to keep?

Absolutely, please let us know on the return form the reason for return.  That way we can make a note and endeavour to improve the selections are more to your liking.

Can I have a seasonal collection of a greater value?

Of course, we can create a Seasonal Collection for any amount from $2,000.00 upwards.  Just send us a message and we will be in touch.

How will I know what is coming in my collection?

This is the surprise element and also the gold in our collections – we make the selections for you – simplifying your life.  When you work with a personal stylist they take you to stores and select labels that they know will work beautifully for you – they do all of the research beforehand.  That is exactly what we do at Goldie Girl – we know the best of the best that is available and we will select it for you – taking into consideration your lifestyle, colouring, figure type and likes and dislikes.  We will then send your collection to you for you to try in the comfort of your own home – you can return any items you don’t wish to keep.