Goldie Girl is both an online store and a virtual personal styling service. You can trust that every garment we offer through our online shop or in our collections has passed our very high standards – for relevance, style and the all-important joy rating.

Elevated, effortless, everyday style – delivered fresh.

In the ever-changing multi-choice world we live in, it’s easy to make online shopping mistakes that cost time, effort and money. So Goldie Girl founder Stacey Beatson has created an online shop – stocking fashion gold. You can make your own choices or you can go a step further with a stylist-selected collection chosen just for you. At Goldie Girl we love to offer style solutions and our greatest delight is to assist you in evolving your personal style.

A constantly changing parade of choices
At the core of Goldie Girl’s service is the expertise of Stacey Beatson, one of New Zealand’s leading stylists. Stacey works closely with celebrated local brands like Coop, Stella + Gemma, Sheryl May, Ruby and Gregory to bring you a curated range of seasonal pieces and accessories that work for every type of lifestyle. The mantra that ties it all together is KISS – Keep it Simply Stylish. Our range updates almost daily and stocks are limited, so it’s always a case of first-in-best-dressed.

Your happy-ever-after
Whether you’re time poor, disillusioned with the online purchases you are constantly sending back or have lost confidence when it comes to making smart buying decisions, shopping with Goldie Girl will help you to rediscover the joy of looking effortlessly stylish.

“I have created a service I would love and that I know is very much needed. Whether you’re shopping in our store or getting input from a stylist, receiving your Goldie Girl delivery is like opening a box of chocolates that only has your favourite flavours!”

– Stacey Beatson, Goldie Girl founder


Stacey Beatson is a personal stylist, fashion advisor and personal shopper based in Auckland, New Zealand. Before moving into the image consultancy sphere in 2004, she was an influential hair and makeup artist.

The spirit of Stacey’s brand is ‘she dreamed she could, so she did’. By following her heart and ceaselessly sharpening her skills, Stacey has become one of the most sought-after stylists in the world and those who discover her style expertise seldom let her go.

Constant collaboration with local designers, as well as international fashion and beauty brands, lets Stacey forecast a fashion future for her clients. Her ability to see ahead ensures purchases are made wisely and beautifully.

“With over 30 years experience working closely alongside many amazing women, I have honed my intuitive understanding of a woman’s essence and how she likes to look and feel. I listen to body language and words, and I observe how women shop, which has changed over the past few years. With all of that on board, I have now created Goldie Girl – a service designed to simplify a stylish life – inspired by you, for you.”